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Wood Shredder
Wood Shredder
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Specification of Wood Shredder

Wood Shredder Machine
Wood Crusher

The function of Wood Shreder is the same as Wood Crusher which destroys wood from twigs, logs, or roots etc. But the difference is Wood Shreder destroys the wood from the rest of the furniture, house buildings, pieces of wood carvings that are irregular in size.

Wood Shreder is a machine that serves to destroy remnants of processed wood, not wood bars such as twigs, roots and the like. The result of this destruction will be a powder that will be re-treated for other things. This Wood Shreder machine is able to destroy as much as 800kg of wood / hour with 15Hp / 11.250watt wood shreeder drive and 50Hp / 37,000watt wood hammer drive. This frame material uses H 20cm Mild steel canal and dimensions are 240x106x210cm.

Machine specifications
Capacity: 800kg / hour.
Dimensions: 240x106x210cm.
Material: Mild steel canal H 20cm.
Filter: 3-5mm.
Wood hammer drive: 50 HP / 37,000 watts.
Wood shreeder drive: 15 hp / 11,250 watts.

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