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Presto Machine
Presto Machine
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Presto Machine Tools

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This presto machine is commonly used to make food businesses such as presto milkfish, soft thorn milkfish, soft bone chicken, presto chicken, softening processed meat and cooking in a fairly fast time. This local presto machine can also be used to just cook meat with a very fast time. This machine is made by a team that is more efficient and hygienic because the quality of the machine material can be used and is very practical for presto food production business.

How to use Meat and Bone Tenderizer Machine.
- Prepare the stove starting from hose installation and installation of LPG tubes.
- Open the presto cover, then lift the presto basket.
- Fill the water into the tube to the bottom of the basket.
- Enter the work again.
- Add raw products such as duck, chicken, duck and fish to dipresto the basket.
- Cover the tube with the available mor until completely closed.
- Turn on the stove.
- For pressure gauge we set 2 bar.
- Process presto about 1 hour, as needed.

Our presto machine specifications

Presto UKM Type Machine RH PR 50
Capacity: 50 kg
Dimensions: 70x65cm
Thickness: 3 mm
Completeness: Stove, Hose, Regulator

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