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Bamboo Skewer
Bamboo Skewer
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Specification of Bamboo Skewer

Machine tool tapering machine skewers

Skewers are the last process of making skewers starting from Bamboo Cutting, Bamboo Engraving, Bamboo Lidi Cutter. This machine serves to sharpen the tip of the bamboo which will later be made for skewers, to make it easier for traders of satay to stick meat into bamboo.

Grahamesin • com is a machinery factory that manufactures and manufactures Automatic Skewers with a low price. In one process, this machine can accommodate a capacity of 70-150kg / 8 hours and uses a drive of 1300 Watt Electric Power Dynamo, 220 V, 1 Phase. The frame material for making this machine uses a steel frame. The dimensions of this machine are 120 x 70 x 100 cm (70kg capacity).

Specifications of the Automatic Skewer Pointer Tool
Type: RH - PS 70
Capacity: 70 - 100 Kg / 8 Hours
Function: To Sharpen / Sharpen Skewers from Bamboo
Power: Dinamo Electric 1300 Watt, 220 V, 1 Phase
Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 100 cm

CV. Graha Mesin Globalindo
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CV. Graha Mesin Globalindo

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